Simon Zhong

It is happy to help a $3 million deal go through – a Proccounting successful story

Client had reached a tentative agreement for $3 million to sell his business to a large law firm.  This can be a once-in-a-life-time opportunity for client. While preparing the financial statements for the review by the purchaser, the accounting firm just discovered an issue that was too difficult for their team because of their lack of experience in legal industry bookkeeping and the software used. The deadline for the statement was approaching. The purchaser may walk away. The accountants were nervous.

Client was panic. Fortunately, the accounting firm found us for help through Internet. Our team leader, Jenny Yan, quickly rolled up her sleeves. As an expert in legal industry bookkeeping, Jenny immediately got to the heart of the problem. She led the accountants and client’s bookkeepers to work effectively as a team and finally had the financial statements on the desk of the purchaser on time. We were so happy the news arrived that the deal was closed successfully.

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