Simon Zhong

Privacy is an enemy when filing family tax returns

“Simon, just file my return for me this year. Don’t worry about my wife’s. You know, she is going to do hers by herself.”

This sounds easy. In fact, it is a challenge.

It may be OK to have some privacy between a couple, keeping a separate bank account or locking computer with a password. But when it comes to filing tax returns, it is not a good idea to keep secrets.

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Get your tax done by Simon and his team from the comfort of you home! How? 

Prepare family tax returns together

You can reduce your tax by preparing family tax returns together. Tax filing should be a coordinated family event.

If your spouse has a low income, don’t forget to claim the spouse or common-law partner amount.

If your spouse cannot benefit from certain tax credits, for example, credits on tuition fees, pension or disability and age credits. Those credits can be transferred to you.

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